graphic design and more.....

We create beautiful graphic designs that help potential customers understand what your business is all about. We design and produce, from brochures and books to web design and presentations. We make sure that the designs we create give you an instrument to use in interacting with your customers

social media marketing

For you and your company, we coordinate, create, and plan social media campaigns. We make unique content for social media, like videos and graphics for covers, PowerPoint presentations, ads, and posts, with the goal of generating more leads and making your company's social media presence even stronger

online document printing

We provide crisp, top-quality document printing. For all of your printing requirements, including laser printing, color printing, and big format prints, we have cutting-edge printers (for maps). By sending us your files online, you can get high-quality prints at your home or place of business

flair and creativity at its best

At the nexus of creativity and class, Digital Canvas delivers top-notch design services. We design for both print and online. We also do print media design in addition to promotional videos and animated and non-animated social media graphics for covers, adverts, stories, and posts.

For all of your professional and personal needs, including postings, corporate logo design, flyers, brochures, business cards, letterheads, magazines, outdoor hoarding design, billboards, annual reports, project reports, business reports, and business proposals, we offer graphic design services. For our cherished clientele, we can develop WordPress online brochure websites.

We support NGOs and other socially conscious organizations because we are “awake” to the social ethos of the day. We build your websites using a strategy and layout that gives your company or “cause” a remarkable, compelling online presence. In addition to the best Adobe After Effects® animations, promotions, and animated posts and stories for social media, we also provide animated (PowerPoint®) presentations, infographics, and charts.

Whether you need typesetting, layout design, or book covers, we provide comprehensive book, magazine, and periodical design solutions. Additionally, we typeset business reports, research papers, theses, and dissertations that included infographics and mathematical formulae.

Online Document Printing in color or black is another service provided by Digital Canvas. The paper sizes range from photo size to 42 inches wide. For these printing jobs, we use top-tier, industry-standard printers. The visual appeal of your documents is improved by these clear and vibrant printouts.

"Design adds value faster than it adds costs"

We create it all!